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Hibiscus Vinegar

This vinegar is one of our favorites for mixing with drinks! Try it with lemonade, add to a gin & tonic, but also makes a delicious marinade and salad dressing base!

8oz (240ml)

Caramelized Apple Vinegar

We cook our apples for 10 weeks until they are fully blackened and caramelized. We then crush and ferment them into a delightful vinegar that can be sipped smoothly on its own. #notBraggs

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Orange Vinegar

With sweet, tangy notes of caramel & honey, this 100% pure Orange Vinegar is an instant hit! Use it as a base for a marinade or to elevate a sparkling water or cocktail!

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Banana Sugar

Nutty & Sweet - Zero Waste
Perfect for elevating cocktails, tea, & baking! Infused cane sugar with delicious caramelized Banana Powder.

Cocktails -
Rimming sugar for Tiki drinks & tropical, fruity cocktails like a piña colada!
Baking and Tea - Sprinkle on cookies, muffins, and oatmeal for a delicious sugar crumb topping. Use to taste to enhance your favorite tea.

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21 in stock

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Hibiscus Vinegar

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8oz (240ml)


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