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Amaro Hibiscus

A Premium Non-Alcoholic Aperitif - Enjoy our tantalizing, floral, Hibiscus vinegar layered with dried artichokes along with a custom blend of bittering herbs and roots. Think similar vein to Cynar with more botanical notes. Excellent to sip on its own as an aperitif or as a component in a cocktail.
Sweeter initially but becomes increasingly bitter as the elements extracted from the artichokes suppress your tastebuds' ability to perceive sweetness.

Strawberry Lucky Duck

The Aperol spritz is a classic, but this is a modern rum-based upgrade on the spritz featuring our Award-Winning Amaro Hibiscus.
Strawberry Lucky Duck cocktail in glass

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Lemon Bay Leaf Olive Brine

Be better than a bar... This brine was developed to be the ultimate mixer for dirty martini lovers. Our celery vinegar was elegantly layered with black olives, lemon, & bay leaf with the perfect salinity to go great with your favorite gin or vodka.

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Orange Spice Olive Brine

Be better than a bar... This brine was developed to be the ultimate mixer for dirty martini lovers. Our tomato vinegar was elegantly layered with black olives, orange peel, and a secret spice mix. Elevate your favorite gin or vodka umami bomb of a mixer.

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Black Garlic Michelada

Our small-batch vinegars and fresh, fermented ingredients create a standout mixer that is exceptionally flavorful & utterly unique.
Also, fantastic on its own over ice.
We hope you enjoy our custom blend of tomato vinegar, celery vinegar, black garlic balsamic, tomato juice, lacto-fermented tomato juice, lacto-fermented mushroom vinegar, lacto-fermented red onion, fresno chili sauce & worcestershire sauce.

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Umami Salt

Savory & Zesty - Zero Waste
A perfect seasoning blend for meat, veggies, & rimming the glass of your Michelada or Bloody Mary!
Caution: Mild Heat

Cocktails - An elevated rimming salt for an exceptional Bloody Mary and Michelada experience.
Grilling & Cooking - Rub onto meat before cooking or season with to finish.

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Summer Heat Bitters

Our line of custom-crafted bitters uniquely uses vinegar as a base creating a truly non-alcoholic ingredient for mocktails and cocktails.

We aim to engage your sense of taste with elevated flavors to evoke memories of hot summer nights and add that complexity to your beverage.

Flavor Profile

Strawberries and Habaneros. A bright sweetness with a lingering heat.

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Hibiscus Vinegar

This vinegar is one of our favorites for mixing with drinks! Try it with lemonade, add to a gin & tonic, but also makes a delicious marinade and salad dressing base!

8oz (240ml)

Caramelized Banana Vinegar

Imagine the perfect Banana's Foster Dessert. See the rum flambeau tableside carmelizing the banana and melting the ice cream. Now imagine that flavor as a liquid... That's pretty much what Blackened Banana Vinegar tastes like!

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Orange Vinegar

With sweet, tangy notes of caramel & honey, this 100% pure Orange Vinegar is an instant hit! Use it as a base for a marinade or to elevate a sparkling water or cocktail!

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Celery Vinegar

Think of it as a liquid celery salt, minus the sodium, but all of the flavor enhancement! Amazing all-purpose vinegar for cooking as well an integral part of our vinegar bloody Mary mix (celery, tomato, black garlic vinegars)!

8oz (240ml)

Caramelized Apple Vinegar

We cook our apples for 10 weeks until they are fully blackened and caramelized. We then crush and ferment them into a delightful vinegar that can be sipped smoothly on its own. #notBraggs

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Hibiscus Vinegar

Package Volume

8oz (240ml)

Celery Vinegar

Package Volume

8oz (240ml)


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