Looking an icing that’s different and head-turning? This is my go-to icing recipe, and it gets so many compliments. Not only is Hibiscus super versatile and accents so many other flavors, but the beautiful color is irresistible too! It’s up to you whether you share how easy the recipe is, but please do tell them about your new, favorite secret ingredients!

What is flat icing?

A flat icing or powdered sugar glaze is very simple to make. It consists of powdered sugar and some type of liquid. This is very easy to make and can quickly elevate pound cake, quick breads, cookies, & scones both in taste and in eye appeal.

Flat icing is a very easy recipe made by whisking together with some type of liquid until it has a consistency that can be drizzled. After the glaze is used, it dries on the baked good by forming a thin skin as it hardens.

While any liquid can be used, we like to elevate the mix by adding some of our unique hibiscus rimming sugar and our hibiscus vinegar as the liquid.

Why use vinegar?

Our perception of sweetness is balanced by acid. We can drink things like coke, the foodie equivalent of battery acid because it is so sweet. By using vinegar in this icing, we take back the overwhelming sweetness of the glaze and give it some brightness. We’ve successfully made variations of this icing with our banana vinegar & orange vinegar as well.

What is a good ratio of liquid to sugar for flat icing?

Using powdered sugar increases the ability for it to liquefy, and we’ve found that a good ratio is about 4.5 oz of sugar to 2 TBSP of Vinegar. If you don’t have any powdered sugar on hand, you can quickly make your own by grinding regular sugar in your food processor or blender. (this is my preferred method)

Tangy Hibiscus Flat Icing

Kismet Refining
This icing takes the cake. A tangy and vibrant crowd pleaser
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Dessert
Servings 2 Cups



  • Add dry ingredients to a bowl
  • Whisk in wet ingredients
  • Drizzle or spread on all your baked goods



  1. Stores covered in the fridge for up to a week.
  2. Add more or less liquid for desired consistency.
  3. Let warm up and whisk again before applying if from cold.

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