Umami Secret Weapon


Black Garlic - Whole Clove

Aged for 12 weeks. We've hand-selected California-grown garlic and fermented it into Black Garlic. Delicious & Nutty.

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Upcycled Coffee

Using spent grounds from local San Diego coffee shops, we invigorate second life into the grounds that got your morning off to a great start.

This gives a boost of flavor to your favorite dishes. Use a like soy sauce, where a couple of drops will amplify the umami in your next meal.

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Tomato Vinegar

Made with fresh Roma tomatoes, the sharp acidity and tomato flavor profile allows this vinegar to become an excellent pantry staple to add a splash to brighten just about anything!

8oz (240ml)

Umami Salt

Savory & Zesty - Zero Waste
A perfect seasoning blend for meat, veggies, & rimming the glass of your Michelada or Bloody Mary!
Caution: Mild Heat

Cocktails - An elevated rimming salt for an exceptional Bloody Mary and Michelada experience.
Grilling & Cooking - Rub onto meat before cooking or season with to finish.

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Out of stock

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Tomato Vinegar

Package Volume

8oz (240ml)


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